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Note : New 2.0 version is compatible with new Wi-Fi dongle (RC-W02), offering more stable connection and quicker remote signal

Note : Old 1.0 version is compatible with old Wi-Fi dongle (RC-W01), and it is no longer supported with Multi-lights Mode

This is an application software for all the LED lighting (with built-in Wi-Fi feature) from Falcon Eyes. It enables your phone to have full control for adjusting color temperatures, brightness, group-sync, among the Wi-Fi LED lights


- Control single / multi* WIFI lights through apps
*Router is required to control multi lights

- Group-sync control on selected Wi-Fi lights.

- Memory slots to recall your favorite lighting set-up.

- Numerical input for accurate color

- Power switch for better operation hours

- Quick response through apps

For IOS.png
For Android.png

Instruction For Connecting

Single Light Connection

Single Light Mode: press & hold the reset button after two blinks + three blinks

Then connect your phone (Falcon Eyes app) directly to the Fresnel through Wi-Fi (default password for the Wi-Fi dongle is “candlehome”)

Note: when successfully changed to Single-Light-Mode, you should be able to search the Wi-Fi signal of "LEDSxxxx”