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Linkstar (H.K.) Ltd was founded in 2003. From a Hong Kong based small company with just a handful of employees, within years we soon grew into a well-established studio equipment manufacturer and exporter. Over the past decade, we have made an amazing progress in producing the most innovative and advanced studio equipment for both professionals and amateurs.

We have made frequent appearances in different internal photographic fairs and exhibitions to gain international exposure and simultaneously show the world our latest hi-tech products. In cooperation with our oversea distributors, Linkstar products are made known and sold worldwide, including but not limited to the US, Holland, Italy, Spain, Australia, South Africa and Saudi Arabia.

In the fast changing era, we meet the needs of our customers by introducing the most advanced devices to the market. We strive no only to become a world's top DSLR accessory and studio equipment manufacturer and exporter but also produce our every single product in an environmentally sustainable way, being a socially responsible company. Linkstar - links your vision!

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