FalconEyes RRK-1520 

Movable Reflector Panel Silver/White/Black 150x200cm

FalconEyes Movable Reflector Panel consists of a collapsible aluminium frame that can be easily assembled in moments, it is a lightweight and easily assembled light modifier ideal for location photography and video filming.

A couple of minutes of easy setup gets you a very large patch of bright open shade with manageable contrast, instead of glaring deep shadowed sunlight broiling your subject.

The frames is made of lightweight industrial aluminum so the system can be quickly disassembled and it is so light that you can take it anywhere.

The 2-stop diffusion screen allows you to tame the glaring sun and reduce contrast, the included reflector panels have a silver side which is great for reflecting strong contrast light, and a white side for reflecting a softer diffused light.

Color: Silver / Transparent White / Black
Size: 150 x 200cm
Wheels : Yes
Height: Extendable 100-180cm
Weight: 6.43kg

    Silver Steel Plate
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