RJ45 to XLR Cable

RJ45 to XLR Cable

This is the converter cable from RJ45 to XLR DMX port, please choose for the correct XLR pin (3-pin or 5-pin), as well as the cable length for your purchase.


It is designed to be used with Falcon Eyes items that equipped with RJ45 DMX port.


RJ45 to XLR 5-pin, converter cable
RJ45 to XLR 3-pin, converter cable


RJ45 to XLR 5-pin, 4 meters converter cable
RJ45 to XLR 3-pin, 4 meters converter cable


RJ45 to XLR 5-pin, 10 meters converter cable
RJ45 to XLR 3-pin, 10 meters converter cable

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