The Novoflex NIKZ/A + HARING adaptor is designed for Hasselblad V lenses to be mounted on Nikon Z cameras.


It provides a perfect fitting between the lens and camera to make sure no light leaking is happening.

Note: This adaptor will not allow camera to send signals to the lens, therefore, functions as Av, Tv, and auto focus will be disabled.

(All Novoflex adaptors are designed to focus to infinity)



Adapter combination Hasselblad V-lenses to Nikon Z mirrorless

-Precision made lens adapter

-exact compensation of the flange focal length difference of the two mounts

-connected lenses can be manually focused up to infinity

-no information transmission between the lens and the camera

-Exposure metering in aperture priority mode or manually



This is a combination of 2 adapters - the front one has the lens bayonet, the rear one is camera-specific and can be exchanged if necessary against an adapter for another camera

    HK$2,589.00 Regular Price
    HK$1,993.53Sale Price

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