Linkstar Mini LED Fresnel F-3 30W

The F-3 from Linkstar is a mini Fresnel LED lamp, which is perfect for ENG productions (productions on location), small studios and interviews thanks to the small size. The power of 30W is perfectly exploited, thanks to the Fresnel filter. This creates a nice and strong 5600K light spot. With the turning knob on the backside of the F-3 lamp you can adjust the angle of the beam and change the range. Use the knob on the external controller to steplessly adjust the power. The F-3 lamp is mounted on a metal arm, to adjust the horizontal and vertical angle. On the bottom side there’s a standard spigot connector, which makes the F-3 lamp suitable for almost any light tripod. The metal arm features a special connector, to mount the controller (and optional V-mount battery) onto the arm. Optionally, an accessory set is available as well, which consists of three types of honeycomb, softbox, valve set, four colour filters, conical nut and diffuser ball.


The best of both worlds
The F-3 mini Fresnel lamp is the ideal combination of a compact LED lamp and the traditional continue lighting. Because of the compact size and lightweight, you can take the F-3 lamp everywhere with you, just like you’re used to with other LED lamps. The Fresnel filter gives you the range and light beam from traditional continuous light, without the heat, size and weight of a traditional light. The CRI value of 95 produces natural colors and makes the F-3 lamp suitable for professional productions. The beam angle is adjustable between 16 and 45 degrees.


Usage F-3 mini Fresnel LED lamp
The compact size and strong light beam make the F-3 lamp suitable for every small photo and video production. Think about newborn-shoots, where the babies aren’t disturbed by the flash lights. Or interviews on location, where an extra light source needs to be created. No power socket nearby? No problem; the optional V-mount battery makes the F-3 light a perfect choice for every location. You can also use two NP-F batteries, instead of one V-mount battery, thanks to the included adapter. Because of the included bag, you can take the F-3 easily with you to every place.

Model No.: F-3
Output: 30W
Color Temperature: 3200K / 5600K (either color)
Color Rendering Index (CRI): Ra >95
Lighting Angel:16~45 Degree
Color Control: 0~100 Level Stepless adjustable
Voltage: AC Adaptor (DC-15V 5A)
LUX(Flood): 0.5M:9420 / 1M:2310 / 2M:591 / 3M: 275 / 5M:107
LUX(Focus): 0.5M:34700 / 1M:8290 / 2M:2130 / 3M:938 / 5M:353
Net Weight: 1.55kg
Dimensions: 263 x 141mm

    Silver Steel Plate
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