DVR-160TW (Wi-Fi version)


The Falcon Eyes DVR-series (DVR-160TVC & DVR-512DVC) LED ring light provides a bigger ring size with pure soft lighting for both close-up filming and portrait shooting, to enhance the beautiful eyes expression.
They are equipped with soft light diffuser for producing very soft lighting, designed in circular shape for a better fill lighting on object, 4 modes of lighting to create different effects, adjustable 3200K - 5600K color temperature and compatible to both AC and DC power supply.
DVR-512DVC is designed with 60 degree LEDs ranking which can centralized the light flow to the object than traditional ranking.

DVR-160TVC is built with SMD LED technology, same power output but with less LEDs and hence less heat generated.

DVR-160TW has the same specification as the DVR-160TVC, but with Wi-Fi feature added for APP control
Model: DVR-160TW
No. of LED 160pcs
Power Output: 32W
Color Temperature: 3000K-5600K
Operating Voltage: DC 15V 3A (AC Adaptor / DC Power 2 x F-mount battery)
Beam Angle: 100°
CRI: 95
Wi-Fi : Yes
LUX: 0.5m - 1320 / 1m - 429 / 2m - 121
Size: 490 x 365 x 50mm
Weight 1.5kg
What are included? AC Adaptor / Camera Bracket / Kit Bag

    Silver Steel Plate
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