What's New for 2019 NAB Show?

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Falcon Eyes Booth: C9432 Date: 8 - 11th April 2019 Venue: Las Vegas Convention Centre

Download and check out the latest catalogue for the new items.


SO-300TDX (300W SOPHIEZ LED Soft Light)

RX-R300TDX (curved 300W LED ROLL-FLEX)

RX-120TDX (The largest ROLL-FLEX by far, 600W bi-color)

The RX-120TDX can be connected with each other to create a giant light wall

U8 (Skylight, 800W bi-color, can be used as ceiling light or on a light stand)

RX-818 / RX-824 / RX-836 / RX-848

(The brand new 8-series ROLL-FLEX, build with the latest control box with all the RGBW lighting effects)

DS812 / DS811 (The brand new DESAL 8-series, build with the latest control box with all the RGBW lighting effects)

LEE and ROSCO color available to select on the control box, or on the mobile APP

With all lighting effects as Police Car Light, Candle Light, Lightning, HSI theme, etc.

LPL-S4505TDX, The giant (our biggest) LPL-S soft light panel ever! 450W Bi-color

The on camera ROLL-FLEX, lightweight, with RGBW features

T12 : RGBW

T12A : RGBW with lighting effect mode (new control system)


P-12A : 120W Daylight

P-5AD : 50W Bi-color

Never left out our high power LED Fresnel

CLL-7500TDX (750W Bi-color, DMX)

CLL-4800TDX (480W Bi-color, DMX)

The BL-30TD LED Studio Light, 300W Bi-color, with Bowens bayonet to use with all Bowens' accessories and light modifiers!

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