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ROLLFLEX RX-7 II New 2nd Generation

Good news that the 2nd generation of our ROLLFLEX RX-7 II series is now available to the market!

The new RX-7 II has added the HSI (Hue / Saturation / intensity) setting for quick RGB adjustment. More importantly added the Scene Effect mode, with 20 different lighting effects!

Effect Scenes Mode (subject to change or update)

Police Car


Fire Truck

Lightning 1

Lightning 2

HSI Demo (Slow)

HSI Demo (Fast)

TV Screen




High/Low Beam

Double Flash (Harzard)

Red Flash

Green Flash

Blue Flash

Party 1

Party 2

Another good news is that the existing 1st generation of RX-7 LED mat is compatible with the 2nd gen control box, therefore, the existing RX-7 customer can simply purchase the RX-7 II control box to get all these upgrade!


Check out the new ROLLFLEX RX-7 II series on our website for more information.

RX-718 II https://www.falconeyeshk.com/product-page/rx-718-ii

RX-724 II https://www.falconeyeshk.com/product-page/rx-724-ii

RX-736 II https://www.falconeyeshk.com/product-page/rx-736-ii

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