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Updated: Feb 1, 2021

The FalconEyes PockeLite F7 Fold is with a folding design that makes it more portable and taking up less space in your pocket, it is connected with two LED panels that can be folded and giving you double the power of the original PockeLite F7.

The new PockeLite F7 Fold maintains all features like the CCT, HSI, scene mode, and magnetic connection, additionally it will be added with Bluetooth APP control feature (DESAL Lite) for remote controlling the light with your phone up to meters away, and the APP will be available for both IOS and Android system.

Effect Scenes Mode (subject to change or update)

Police Car


Fire Truck

Lightning 1

Lightning 2

HSI (Slow)

HSI (Fast)





High/Low Beam

Double Flash (Harzard)

Gathering 1

Gathering 2


Red Flash

Green Flash

Blue Flash

RGB Flash


Model : F7 Fold

Output : 24W

LEDs : 108pcs x 0.5W<W> / 108pcs x 0.5W<T> / 192pcs x 0.5W<RGB>

Voltage : 5-15V 2A

Battery Capacity : 7.6V/7600mAh (3800mAh x 2) / 57.6Wh (28.8Wh x 2)

Runtime : 2.5 hours (full power at 5600K)

Beam Angle : 61°

Bi-Color : 2500K-9000K

HSI : Hue (0-360) / Saturation 0-100 / Intensity 0-100%

Effect Scenes : Subject to change or update

USB Type-C Charging : DC5V-15V 2A / Supports QC3.0 quick charging through USB Type-C port

CRI: 96

LUX (2500K) : 0.3M 10700 / 0.5M 3990 / 1M 965 / 2M 242

LUX (5600K) : 0.3M 11200 / 0.5M 4010 / 1M 972 / 2M 250

Dimension : 173 x 160 x 15mm

Weight : 685g

Magnetic Connection : Yes

What to expect in the packaging?

DESAL Lite APP Control for IOS & Android system

(More stunning features as music/picture coloring and group control will be added to the APP)

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