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LPS-200TD 200W LED Studio Light

The Falcon Eyes LPS-200TD is a 200W bi-color LED studio lamp, it's Ideal for product photography due to its powerful LED power. The LPS-200TD has a high quality metal housing with silent cooling system, which makes it also great for video filming. The color temperature is adjustable from 3000K - 8000K, via the touchscreen or the knob dial. The LPS-200TD features a Bowens bayonet connector, which can be connected to various accessories, including a softbox, snoot or beautydish, etc.

Usage of LPS-200TD

It's ideal for in-studio and on-location use, thanks to the adjustable color temperature and high CRI 95+, you can always perfectly match the ambient light to ensures a natural view. When using during larger productions, you can pair multiple LPS-200TD lamps through Wi-Fi APP for group control.


Product Photography Demonstration with necklace.


Suitable for Interviewing or Live filming.


Stepless Dimming 0-100%

Adjustable Color Temperature 3000K-8000K


High Power 200W COB bi-Color LED Chip

Check out full details on the Product Listing.

Specification: Model Number: LPS-200TD Color Temperature: 3000K - 8000K Color Rendering Index (CRI): Ra 95 Output power: 200W Voltage: AC 100V-240V Beam Angle : 31° Color Control: 0-100% Stepless adjustable Control Method: Touch Screen / Wi-Fi LUX (5600K) : 0.3M 196080 /0.5M 76300 / 1M 15500/ 2M 3490/3M 1520 LUX (3000K) : 0.3M 92260 / 0.5M 34400 / 1M 7100 / 2M 1590/3M 695 Fan Noise : 0.2M:49.7dB 0.5M:42.1dB Size: 616 x 220 x 130mm Weight: 3.61kg

Bowens Light modifiers and accessories can be selected in the links below;

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