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Full Range of S-Series Studio Lights (COB)

Updated: Feb 8

FalconEyes offers wide range of S-series studio lights (COB), in both daylight (5600K) and bi-color temperature (2500K - 9999K) versions, as well as in different power outputs 200W / 300W / 600W to fulfill the need of all kinds of video production including the film industry. For the 600W version we have even designed the lamp head and control box to withstand under extreme weather condition including water-resistant.

All the S-series COB are designed with Bowens bayonet to provide sturdy mounting feature with Bowens light modifiers, which is indispensable in any professional studio.

S-series comes with Bluetooth APP Control feature, with the ability to remote control through your mobile phone stably, users can download the DeSal Lite+ APP on Apple APP Store or Google Playstore, it allows you to control the S-series with special effects mode, including preset effects as Lightning 1, Lightning 2, TV, Candle, Reporter, Rapid Stroboscopic, Low/High Beam switch, Light strobe, and Heartbeat. All lighting effects are capable to adjust their speed and dimmer level to enhance the flexibility.

S60TD & S60 are designed to use under extreme weather condition, both the lamp head and control box are water-resistant and dustproof.

(Note : S30TD / S30 / S20TD / S20 models are not water-resistant)

High quality lighting accuracy is always our first priority to develop our lighting products, all S-series are tested with high CRI to make sure it meets the requirement of professional use. Below the S60TD is tested with an astonishing high CRI of 97.5 and TLCI of 98.2.

The S-series is well applied in the film industry due to its high power output and bi-color temperature, and the ability to control through mobile APP, as well as operating under both AC, and DC battery power for outdoor use.

Check out all models of S-series LED (COB)

S600CPro RGBWW 600W

S60TD Bi-color 600W

S30TD Bi-color 300W

S20 Bi-color 200W

S60 Daylight 600W

S30 Daylight 300W

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