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DM2 RGBW LED Fresnel 200W

Updated: 13 hours ago

Finally the first ever RGBW LED Fresnel DM2 from FalconEyes is launched!

DM2 is designed with the new DESAL-8 series system, it's an advanced lighting control system that can create a wide range of lighting effects with the RGBW technology.

Features: • Adjustable beam angle from 28°-53° • Color temperature adjustable from 2800K-10000K • Color balance adjustable from G/M +/-0.1 • Support RGB separate control • Support HSI control • Preset Rosco and LEE Filters • Preset Theme mode • Support firmware update • Available for 16 bit DMX-512 and Smartphone Application control • CRI up to 95 and TLCI up to 93 • Available with various accessories, E.g. Barndoor, softbox, etc • OLED Display • Intelligent cooling fan • Bluetooth (APP) Remote Control (up to 25m control distance) • English / Chinese Language Setting

DM2 will come standard with barndoor as light modifier.

Optional grid softbox (Dia. 90cm) can be purchased as optional



For more information and specifications of the DM2 please visit the product listing. https://www.falconeyeshk.com/product-page/dm2

Bluetooth 5.0 Mobile APP available for IOS and Android https://www.falconeyeshk.com/app-bluetooth

DESAL-8 Instruction Manual Download https://www.falconeyeshk.com/catalogue-download

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