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Note : New 2.0 version is compatible with new Wi-Fi dongle (RC-W02), offering more stable connection and quicker remote signal

Note : Old 1.0 version is compatible with old Wi-Fi dongle (RC-W01), and it is no longer supported with Multi-lights Mode

This is an application software for all the LED lighting (with built-in Wi-Fi feature) from Falcon Eyes. It enables your phone to have full control for adjusting color temperatures, brightness, group-sync, among the Wi-Fi LED lights


- Control single / multi* WIFI lights through apps
*Router is required to control multi lights

- Group-sync control on selected Wi-Fi lights.

- Memory slots to recall your favorite lighting set-up.

- Numerical input for accurate color

- Power switch for better operation hours

- Quick response through apps

For IOS.png
For Android.png

Instruction For Connecting

Single Light Connection

Single Light Mode: press & hold the reset button after two blinks + three blinks

Then connect your phone (Falcon Eyes app) directly to the Fresnel through Wi-Fi (default password for the Wi-Fi dongle is “candlehome”)

Note: when successfully changed to Single-Light-Mode, you should be able to search the Wi-Fi signal of "LEDSxxxx”

1 LIGHT.jpg

Multi-Lights Connection

Multi-Lights Mode: press & hold the reset button after two blinks

Then connect the your phone to a router through Wi-Fi

You will need to enter your own router password inside the Falcon Eyes APP in order to search and connect to all the lights

Note: when successfully changed to Multi-Light-Mode, you will NOT be able to search the Wi-Fi signal of "LEDSxxxx”

Controlling multiple lights must be connected to a router, and then let the router to connect through Falcon Eyes APP


Operating Instruction

1. Please make sure the WiFi application is installed on mobile phone. You can download from our
website or scan the QR code on the first page of the manual to download the apps.
2. Plug in power cable and RC-W01 WiFi receiver. Switch on the light and the indicating light on
the receiver should have lighted up. Turn on the WiFi function on mobile phone and start to
① Single Light mode: Search the WiFi network “LEDSxxxx” on your mobile phone and enter
password: candlehome to connect. Enter the WiFi app and the connected light should appear on
the control screen. (All RC-W01 receiver starts with the name LEDSxxxx and follow by 4 digits, e.g.
LEDS1234) (All RC-W01 receiver are pre-set with password : candlehome)

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