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Equipment Rental Policy 器材租賃政策

Terms and Conditions 租賃條款和條件


The rental equipment might not in their new and perfect condition, please feel free to call us at 23652915 or e-mail to to check for more details about the current equipment conditions, you're welcome to request for the current equipment images or videos, or you may visit our studio to check the equipment before your rental.

Our equipment rental service can only be provided in Hong Kong area, for rental order out of Hong Kong area it will be cancelled and refunded.

We only accept rental equipment to be pickup at our studio only, equipment can be scheduled to pick up during office hours.

租用的器材並不是全新或完美的狀態,請隨時致電 23652915 或發送電子郵件至 以查看有關當前器材的狀態,歡迎您索取當前器材的實時照片或影片,或者您可以在租賃前親臨我們的影室檢查器材。


租賃器材只可於我們的影室交付 (不提供寄貨服務),器材可以安排在辦公時間領取。

Office Hours 辦公時間: Monday to Friday 周一至周五 : 8:00am - 5:30pm

(Public Holiday will be closed 公眾假期將不提供交付服務)

Pickup & Return Address 交付&退還地址

Falcon Eyes Ltd. 
Unit E1, 11/F, Phase 1, Hang Fung Building, 2G Hok Yuen Street,
Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong



Phone 電話: (852) 2365 2915

E-mail 電郵 : / /

Payment 支付方式


Please refer to the rental equipment listing with their daily rental rate and you may arrange payment directly on our website through Paypal or Bank Transfer. Kindly note that Deposit will have to be paid in cash when picking up the equipment.

請參閱租賃器材頁的每日租金,您可以通過 Paypal 或銀行轉賬直接在我們的網站上安排付款。 請注意,在領取器材時必須以現金支付按金。

Equipment Pickup 器材交付

Please present the rental order record along with valid Hong Kong Identity Card (HKID) when picking up the equipment at our studio. Also, it is required to pay the stated deposit (cash only) before the pickup, deposit will be returned after equipment are returned with their original working condition.

在我們的影室收取器材時,請出示租賃訂單記錄以及有效的香港身份證(HKID)。 此外,收取器材前需支付規定的按金(僅限現金),按金將在退還器材時退回。

Equipment Return 器材退還

Renter should return the rental equipment on time base on their rental booking period, otherwise additional daily rate may apply, or please inform us to check for additional cost about extending the rental period.

The rental equipment should be returned in their original working condition. If we determine that the rental equipment has been damaged through abuse or neglect, you must pay Falcon Eyes Ltd. an amount equal to the lesser of the cost to replace the equipment or the cost to repair the equipment. If you fail to return the rental equipment within 5 days of the termination or expiration of the Rental Term, you must pay us an amount equal to the replacement cost of the rental equipment.


租用的器材應按其原始工作狀態歸還。 如果我們確定租賃設備因濫用或疏忽而損壞,您必須向 Falcon Eyes Ltd. 支付相當於更換設備成本或維修設備成本中較低者的金額。 如果您未能在租賃期限到期後的 5 天內歸還租賃設備,您必須向我們支付相當於租賃設備的成本金額。


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