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Super Bright 300W Daylight LED Lamp

The S30 from FalconEyes is a 300W high power LED studio lamp, it is designed with Bowens bayonet to provide sturdy mounting feature with the Bowens light modifiers, which is indispensable in any professional studio. The power LED provides unprecedented brightness, while the housing remains relatively compact. A daylight of 5600K ensures that the S30 is precisely matched as a key light. The included controller accommodates two v-mount batteries, so you can also use the S30 anywhere on location. The power of 300W provides a outstanding LUX value of 380,000 at half a meter distance.

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S30 comes with special effects mode, including 9 preset effects as Lightning 1, Lightning 2, TV, Candle, Reporter, Rapid Stroboscopic, Low/High Beam switch, Light strobe, and Heartbeat.

S30 features "Desal Lite+" Bluetooth APP control, with the ability to stably remote control through your mobile phone.

Kit Contents:


Model Number: S30

Color Temperature: 5600K

Color Rendering Index (CRI): Ra 96

Output power: 1 x 300W

Beam Angle : 24° (with reflector)

Color Control: 0-100% Stepless adjustable

Mounting : Bowens

Control Method: Knobs / DeSal Lite_+ APP Control

LUX (5600K) : 0.5M 380000 / 1M 86400 / 2M 20200 /3M 9000 5M: 3230

Voltage: AC-110V-240V

Size: 400 x 215 x 135mm

Weight : (Lamp) 2.52kg / (Control Box) 2.41kg

Fan Noise : 0.2M:39.8dB / 0.5M:36.6dB

DeSal Lite+ Control APP Connection

DeSal Lite+ (Bluetooth Remote APP Control)

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