The Linkstar new RB-series is the high-end on camera LED lights which are ideal for both in-studio or on-location use.


The highlight of RB-light is being able to use the tungsten and white LED to provide a wide range of color temperature from 2700K - 9999K with high CRI of Ra 95+. 

The RGBW version (Model : RB3) can also separate the RGB control to add saturation on full range of bi-color setting. The RGB colors can be adjusted individually from 0-255 steps to create many more possible colors to satisfy different ambient lighting effects.


Bi-Color Version
R1 : 20W I 2800K-6500K I 224×114×46mm
R2 : 40W I 2800K-6500K I 303×260×46mm


RGBW Version
RB3 : 40W I 2800K-10000K  I 296×284×68mm


Model : R2
Output : 40W
LED & Power : 100pcs x 0.5W (W) I 100pcs x 0.5W (T)
Color Temp. : 2800K-6500K
Operation Voltage : DC 15V 5A 

Battery : 2 x F-Mount Battery (not included)
Beam Angle : 62°
CRI : 95+
LUX (0.5m/1m/2m) : 5460 / 1M 1360 / 2M 350

Mounting : U-Bracket
Size : 303×260×46mm

Weightt 1.53kg


Scene Effect Mode:
Lightning 1 

Lightning 2





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